We’re those ‘at cut up wot needs cuttin’ up…at’s all ye needs ta know…

[Noun] (nak’er)
1.   One whose trade is the slaughtering and rendering of animals that have outlived their usefulness.
2.   Slang term used generally to describe unsavory travelers, or those of despicable character.

Knacker Wiki

- Prospective Knacker

Right, so’s I’m wantin to know what’s all this I hear, and I do hear, ye know, about a Knacker’s Guild? Wot a guild for them what knacks about? Unsavory types? Why some-un ought to do some-en about that, they ought. Like’s join em, eh?"

- Ferris “The Barber”

Well ya see, wot we commonly and oft clandestinely refer to as ‘The Guild’ began along time past as the ’Knacker’s" guild. Now as ya might or mightn’t know, a Knacker is a right professional who’s job et is ta dispose of animals wot ‘ave died or outlived their usefulness as such. Dependin’ on wot sort o’ creature et is wot needs ta be dealt wit, ets usually necessary ta render the beast in place, as who can lift a 50 stone draft animal ta cart et away? So’s a Knacker’s got ta be good with a blade to gets em carved up and carried away quick as ya like. So enough wit th’ describin’ o’ the profession. You’re askin me wot dat’s got a do wit us, right?

Well its like this, see? Knakers ain’t exactly wot you’d call high up in th’ ole peckin’ order, s’far as society’s concerned. So’s one day ‘em wiley ol’ Knackers from someplace that no one seems ta ‘member ’xactly, these knackers see, they decide that they’s a bit tired o’ gettin stepped on by them’s folk wot got their noses up in ‘e air and such. So they think ta themselves that an honest days work for an honest days pay ain’t all et’s cracked up ta be, after all ‘em nobles nev’r done an honest days work and see wot all they’s got? I ain’t got ta get inta da details o’ wot they decided ta do, since et’s all that wot we do now, bit by bit anyways. But after they got real good at this new line o’ work as it were, they started bring on those of other trades, ‘cides just knackers; smiths, woodsmen, cobblers, porters, laborers, the occasional barber ’n the like. But no matter how many others signed on, the name ’Knackers Guild’ stuck wit it. They’d worked ‘ard to get a certain reputation, so Knackers they was and Knackers we are. ’Cides, I like tellin folk that they’d best do right by us, else they end up on the Knacker’s docket and such like that.

The Knackers Guild

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